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To do 4-12-2014



How do search engines work

Discover new search engines:

Make 1 post on the blog with: Try to find a search engine we do not know. Use it to search, and compare the results to the results you find in to G**gle search and analyse !

Slides and links from session on “The web and tracking”

Today we talked about the Web and tracking activities.

Here is Günes’s Presentation.

Here are some useful links on the topic:

Check your profile at different ad networks:

Projects that report on tracking companies:

Browser art:

Old Advertisements for the Web:
where do you want to go today? (microsoft motto in the 90s)

google’s introduction to the internet:

what happens when you visit a url?

An in depth introduction to browsers:

Privacy “enhancing” browser extensions:

(Be careful with settings, otherwise Ghostery may colllect and send information about your browsing too)
TOR (not an extension)
A little privacy

General tips on privacy extensions:


Finally, you can run your private cloud services at Own cloud.

Hope you had fun, and we look forward to reading your posts on the session!