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terminal ImageMagick GIF 03-02-16

Task: produce a GIF, make a post on this blog, post your GIF.

Today we will exercise to produce GIF’s on the command line.

We follow the following documents:

Exercises with the command line:,_Commande_de_ligne

Basic shortcuts (sous 7.3)

To make animations with ImageMagick:

Installing ImageMagick on the Mac:
(sous Outils)

links 17-12

Copyright vs droits d’auteur ?’auteur

En Belgique:

Domaine Public

Public domain day


freemusic archive


Death of the authors

Evenement à venir:

Journée de Domaine Public 2016, 16 janvier, KBR _ Nova

notes 10-12-15: IP with Martino Morandi


Martino Morandi visited us today.

Together we have installed a local network. With the help of an old switch, ethernet cables and some instructions on the command line.

The idea was to show that a network can be built between computers, you do not need a big company or an internet-provider for that.

We then discovered that any computer can be a server.
As Martino said: “Any computer that runs a service for other computers to access, is in fact a server.”

We walked through the notes that Martino keeps on this etherpad:

Firstly to connect to each others machine and be able in the browser to navigate and download stuff from someone elses machine.

And then to set a folder that you share within the network, where access to the rest of the machine stays limited.

As a last exercise, we looked at the logic of Domain Name Servers; DNS.
How can we detour the DNS server of our internet provider and reach websites that seem to be blocked, but in reality the domain name is rerouted to another ip address.
How can we connect names to ip addresses on our own computers?

thank you Martino !

Notes from 12/11/2015

Little Brothers are watching you

Little Brother (Doctorow)

We jump back in time from data control and network surveillance (previous classes) back to camera surveillance

The All-seeing eye, devine perspective


Benthem (18th century sociollogist)
centrally controlled prison space, can be overseen from one point

Ducpetiaux is the first general inspector of the new state of Belgium in 1830. Introducing the panoptic prison model in Belgium (Forest / Saint Gilles) And also remodels areas in the city where transparancy and patronage can be executed.
(garden cities, cité jardins: La Roue, Scheut (Anderlecht) )

“En matière pénitentiaire, Ducpétiaux pensait que la prison devait régénérer les détenus, régénération passant par l’expiation, l’amendement, l’organisation du travail, l’éducation, l’enseignement religieux élémentaire et l’enseignement industriel et enfin l’isolement continuel des prisonniers2. En complément de l’action des prisons, il voyait dans le patronage des prisonniers libérés un moyen de réinsertion sociale.”

From this point of view controlling citizens is a logic step.

** David Brin:
The chief thing accomplished by Privacy Laws is to make the (spy) bugs smaller: “A law guaranteeing privacy simply insures that bugs — microphones and lenses and so forth — are that much harder to spot.”

control the controller
surveill the surveiller
→ sousveillance /

Option 1: a perfect Orwellian hegemony, empowered by universal elite omniscience…

Option 2: a wide open citizen-driven society, empowered by sousveillance and universal omniscience.

Artists using surveillance camera’s

Surveillance Camera Players

Ambient TV,

Manifesto for CCTV filmmakers

Faceless by Manu Luksch

Essay over surveillance camera cinema:

Trail of images
Surveillance chess:

Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley
Street with a view

Stare / Ballades sous surveillance video
Peter Westenberg, Denis Devos, Julien Pierret, Franck Dumortier

lieu ouvert
lieu fermé accessible au public
lieu fermé

Sousveillance project

Wikileaks links 08 oct

Right to privacy ?

“Right to be left alone”

“Under liberal democratic systems, privacy creates a space separate from political life, and allows personal autonomy, while ensuring democratic freedoms of association and expression.”

Article 7 droits fundamentals Union Europeen :

Déclarations universelle des droits de l’homme:

Who Should Own the Internet?
Julian Assange on Living in a Surveillance Society

“Destruction of privacy widens the existence power imbalance between the ruling factions and everyone else.“

Edward Snowden on relation state and companies in data surveillance:

Let’s share books ! 02-04-2015

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Partagez un de vos livres utilisant le platform, le logiciel calibre et le calibre plugin let’s share books