Networks of New York

Networks of New York
by Ingrid Burrington is a field guide to finding the internet on the streets of Manhattan. It documents different signs of buried network infrastructure and easily overlooked networked objects (sensors, cameras, cell towers, and more), as well as some major carrier hotels in New York City.

Originally produced as a website and a self-published book while a resident at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, it was later revised and expanded for Melville House Press, where I got to work with some really fantastic people.

Public Domain 4.0

Article Public Domain 4.0 by Marleen Stikker in publication Digital Public Space

“We live in the time of “interreality”, of mixed reality – there is interference between the programmed and the physical space. Only the mechanisms are no longer visible, you cannot observe what is happening. We need to determine what to do with this dimension of measurable things around us. It even affects the notion of our bodies and the notion of the self. The blinking cursor is not longer outside of us. We are the cursor. It is internalised, as it were – as a third, additional domain.

Nowadays, these three notions of public domain coexists: the public domain in the physical space, the public domain in Public Domain 4.0 cyberspace and the third emerging public domain that extends cyberspace into the physical space. Lets call this the coded space.”

Find her article on page 34 of the pdf.

The publication gathers a range of short explorations of the idea of the Digital Public Space. The central vision of the Digital Public Space is to give everyone everywhere unrestricted access to an open resource of culture and knowledge. This vision has emerged from ideas around building platforms for engagement around cultural archives to become something wider, which this publication is seeking to hone and explore.

Server – Serveur

Voici les liens de Denis de Domaine Public, structure d’hebergement independant bruxellois

# IP


Invisible – 21/08/2016

Voici un petit compte rendu des sujets qui sont passe le 21/04/2016

Qu’est-ce qu’on n’apercoit pas, qui est la quand-meme

– on fait un petit brainstorm

— dans l’univers sociale (protocols) par example
ce qui est transmissible vers l’univers des reseaux (tres protocollaire)

— dans l’univers physique
– vision
– les ondes electromagnetique
– on a des gradations de couleur
– les humains en voit 3 (cones et batonnets)

– mantis shrimp 🙂
– des lignes sur les fleur pour les abeilles
– les animaux/oiseaux voient le monde differemment

il y a en plus
— montrer infrarouge (chaleur inclus)
ultraviolet (entr autre du soleil)

montrer le spectre

816px-Electromagnetic-Spectrum.svg 1280px-EM_Spectrum_Properties_edit.svg ElectromagneticSpectrum5
– montrer les formes de communication qui se passe dans cette spectre (par example radio)
par example wifi 92.4 gigahertz
par example camera wifi 2.4 gigahertz

espace prive – espace pas prive
— communication satellite
— communication police, militaire, ambulances etc

Constant V: les antennes de Claire – chaque apareil a un champs electromagnetique autour de soi-meme
– regarder ce qu’on a fait -> par example le film & le fm

les antennes de claire les rendre audible

donc une transformation se met en place

d’une onde electromagnetique vers une onde mechanique


Se balader a Saint-Gilles avec les antenntes tricotes

Licences – encore!

Voila tout les liens qu’on a visite dans la session autour de droits d’auteur, Domaine public et des licences comme Creative Commons au mois de fevrier.. Bonne lecture!

des Faq sur le site du gouvernement belge autour des droits d’auteur

Domaine Public, c’est quoi?

Des livres en domaine public sur

Des livres audio, en domaine public, sur Librivox (base sur Gutenberg – lu par des benevoles)

La licence Creative Commons

La licence Art Libre

Metmuseum avec un archive pas tres claire

– Un cas: Crystal Castles & Lo-Bat

– Une exercice

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Browser based graphics

Experiment with a (Free Libre Open Source) browser based graphic tool.
Drawing on a page:

Patch, learn, remix and share

Online tools for writing and more
3D editor

Sound coding

Sound creation

Creative coding environment

Supercollider online

Vector Graphics Scripting
Processing to javascript
Try out:

Font creation

make websites

Javascript visual code