Gender Turing Test 18-02-2016

In this document you will find the content that we talk about today. Including the description of the Gender Turing Test exercise.


Turing Test

Question posed in early Artificial Intelligence: “can machines think ?”
Alan Turing finds the question too complicated:
– what do we mean with Think ?
– what do we mean with Machines ?
Better to ask questions that are less ambiguous such as:
“can computers win a game ?” or
“Can a computer, communicating over a teleprinter, fool a person into believing it is human ?”

Seminal article about AI:

The Turing Test tries to distinguish humans from computer:
It takes a party game as starting point, known as ‘The imitation game’: person A , B and C don’t see each other.
A tries to conceal his/her gender. B is true to her/his gender. C is trying to reveal both genders.

The Turing test variation: A is a computer, B a human.
C tries to find out who is human, who is machine.
If the machine wins, one might attribute intelligence to it.


Gendered Turing Test and Strategies for Conceiling Gender online

Description of the Gender Turing Test exercise by Ginger Coons

Conversation partners A + B are in different rooms .
They communicate through a computerised text interface (chat, app, etherpad .. )
The goal of A is to determine the gender of B. The goal of B is to hide his / her gender from A.

How can you benefit from being in a textual space where your identity / gender is not related to photo’s / voice etc .. ? This is an exercise in being strategical. Gender based discrimination / harassment exists in many forms. Train yourself to recognise patterns and methods of data retrieval.

Some chat rooms discourage giving age, sex, location.

Unpublished peer review article:
Biases against women in the workplace have been documented in a variety of studies. This paper presents the largest study to date on gender bias, where we compare acceptance rates of contributions from men versus women in an open source software community. Surprisingly, our results show that women’s contributions tend to be accepted more often than men’s. But only if their gender is concealed.

Gender Turing Test, recipe:

    1 – Brainstorm on paper:

What are typical male and female identifiers ?
(Examples: clothes, hair, posture, behavior, speed of writing, attention span, etc etc etc etc)

    2 – Make cards with strategies to … :

* Disclose, identify, discover gender of the other

* Hide, conceal, disguise your gender
(Examples: lie, act as if you are the opposite gender, tell the truth, use of VOIP / telephone, evade the question, return the question, ….)

Make as many cards as possible.

    3 – Choose the 20 best cards of each set
    4 – Conversation set up

Persons A and B are in different rooms, connected through chat (or other text-) interface

Person A is the interrogator
Every question s/he asks follows one card. Use each card only 1 time.

Person B replies with his / her own gender
Every reply s/he gives follows one card. Use each card only 1 time.

    5 – Discussion

When all cards are used: discuss if gender of B was easy to guess and why ?


One field of research of AI is Natural Language Processing.
How to make a robotic conversational partner write text or sound human.

Chat bot / Agent conversationnel:

designed by Weissenbaum, MIT, 1966

Named after: Eliza Doolittle ; simple girl with strong dialect is trained / programmed to speak like a noble woman
Eliza is a character from play Pygmalion by George Bernhard Shaw

Contemporary emulations of Eliza:

A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity , 1995, open source.
Try it out, even with speech, in a discussion with Captain Kirk.

Machine learning bot:, 2011


From the 18th century onwards, in the early age of mechanisation, there is a widespread fascination for human like machines.

Mechanical Turk
A chess playing machine by Wolfgang von Kempelen
is in fact a hoax: a human chess expert hides inside

Deep blue against Kasparov,
1997 first computer system to defeat a reigning world champion

Nowadays : robots play chess against robots , no human needed

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk slices a job into microjobs: abstraction of work, exploitation of another hoax machine:
Amazons service is seen as a problematic platform: work ethics are bad.
Critique by Jonathan Zittrain:

    Art with mechanical turk

Ten Thousand Cents was initiated by Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima. art made by 10000 artists via Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Gavin Turk’s mechanical Turk






chatlog 18-02-2016

hello sarah !

hello peter

hello evefyone


quel est ton sport préféré?

J’adore le chocolat !
c’est pas la question que je t’ai posé

quelle est ta couleur préférée?

je vois des arbres verts et des roses rouges aussi

As tu des poils sur les joues et sur les jambes?

je mange trois fois par jour, le matin, le midi et le soir

t’es tu déjà fait dragué dans la rue?

Non jamais

pisses tu debout?


qu’est ce que tu vas faire le weekend prochain?

Que vas tu faire le weekend prochain ?

que vas tu faire le weekend prochain?

Quel est ton animal préféré ?

que vas tu faire le weekend prochain?


c’est ce que tu aimes faire avec tes amis?

javik juku lavi naky ne ? lala !!!!!!! 😉 😉

quelle est la partie de ton corps que tu aimes les plus ?
le moins…. ?

Je n’ai pas compris la question

dans ton corps, certaines parties sont flatteuses et d’autres non,
peux tu me dire, dans ton cas, quelles sont elles?

Mes fesses

a quel âge as tu couché?

Je n’ai pas d’avis défini sur la question

Il n’y a pas d’avis à avoir, c’est une question sur ton passé

quelle est la longueur de tes cheveux?

j’ai les cheveux courts

peut être as tu confondu cheveux et chevaux?

plutôt bière ou vin?

plutot vin ou biere ?

pratiques tu l’épilation?

il y a deux siecles tu n’aurais pas posé cette question (!)

Nous sommes en 2016, pratiques tu l’épilation?

Vous rageux ?

Non, je voudrais juste savoir si tu pratiques l’EPILATION

Je ne comprends pas ce qu’il y a de mal à ne pas aimer les animaux.

Enfait, ce que tu ne comprends pas, c’est que je veux juste savoir si tu t’épiles.
Donc, réponds à cette simple question : t’épiles-tu?

Je me rase la barbe en m’épilant les jambes, devant une série en buvant une bière

Quel est ton tour de taille/poitrine/fesses ?


Quel type de sous-vêtements portes-tu?
itsi bitsi tini ouini, tout petit, petit, bikini !

(vous imitez le gouvernement belge là bas ou quoi avant de répondre?)

J’adore cette chanson. Mais je ne suis pas sûre que ca répondre à ma question.
C’est pas grave je vais poser une dernière question maintenant.
Auelle est ta série préférée?