notes 10-12-15: IP with Martino Morandi


Martino Morandi visited us today.

Together we have installed a local network. With the help of an old switch, ethernet cables and some instructions on the command line.

The idea was to show that a network can be built between computers, you do not need a big company or an internet-provider for that.

We then discovered that any computer can be a server.
As Martino said: “Any computer that runs a service for other computers to access, is in fact a server.”

We walked through the notes that Martino keeps on this etherpad:

Firstly to connect to each others machine and be able in the browser to navigate and download stuff from someone elses machine.

And then to set a folder that you share within the network, where access to the rest of the machine stays limited.

As a last exercise, we looked at the logic of Domain Name Servers; DNS.
How can we detour the DNS server of our internet provider and reach websites that seem to be blocked, but in reality the domain name is rerouted to another ip address.
How can we connect names to ip addresses on our own computers?

thank you Martino !