Programme presentation 18-09-2014

What do you mean by Social Network, sorry Networked Social ?
What is Social?
What is Network ?

Types of networks: central server model / peer to peer
peer to peer central server network

Who provides network for who ? oh .. and why ?
What does ‘using’ the network mean ?
Who pays for it and how ?
Who benefits from it and how ?
Who owns the network ?
What is data ?

Artist Michelle Teran made a bustour in 2009 to visit people in real life, who posted to youtube.

Sharing knowledge <-> commercial technology

Google incorporates code art into its business model.
Do you want your art to be part of their business model ?
Read those Terms of Use !

Artists fuck with google:
Free Art and Technology

Artists kill their Facebook and Twitter account: Moddr made a WEB2.0 suicide machine:

Artist love everything their friends do automatically: Julien Deswaef made this Love Machine:

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