Slide Art

Omer TeneSalvatore RuggieriStan MatwinTal ZarskyRaphaël Gellert

Various slides design used at the 2012 Brussels’s cpdp.

From left to right: Omer Tene, Salvatore Ruggieri, Stan Matwin, Tal Zarsky, and Raphaël Gellert.

3 thoughts on “Slide Art

  1. Nice, well spotted!
    Powerpoints are very often visually very limited. How can we benefit from the potential of the ‘slide presentation’ format ? Curious to see some proposals / experiments with new forms.

  2. I showed this to colleagues and they were impressed by how what matters to them most (the text/the content?) became the least important thing in your presentation. I think you hit a sore spot, too: design is something academics rarely learn or manage well, we are often stuck with what the OpenOffices/MS offices of this world deliver to us as design templates.

    I think what you did also raises a very classical question of form and content and their (in)separability? is the opposite true for you, the most important thing is the form? Is that part of what you are saying? Or, can you even separate these things?

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